Did you know?

100 Years Ago
Sept. 22, 1909
A “Special Notice” advertises that the only way to ensure getting The Tartan regularly is to subscribe at a lofty price of $1 for the year. I don’t know what kind of overhead costs there were 100 years ago, but I’m proud of the fact that you can all read my musings and ramblings completely free of charge (your Student Activities fee paid for all of this, of course).

50 Years Ago
Sept. 23, 1959
“Anyone Care to Shoot Bullets?” Quick, duck! No, wait, that’s just the very politically incorrect headline advertising varsity rifle team tryouts in Margaret Morrison. Apparently, the rifle team also gets its own beat writer — a luxury not given to other sports, such as baseball and water polo.

25 Years Ago
Sept. 18, 1984
Apparently, over-selling of parking permits — which cost $130 apiece — was a problem 25 years ago due to construction in the lots at Skibo, though the Parking Department claims that the lots are not full. It’s a shame Carnegie Mellon had to go and develop its campus, losing precious, cheap parking spots that could have let certain drivers avoid street cleaning fines.

10 Years Ago
Sept. 14, 1999
“Bookstore pisses off faculty member” is the headline in a letter to the editor (in poem form) from a professor at Carnegie Mellon. The professor is upset about current problems ordering books and is surprised to find bar codes lying in toilet basins. In layman’s terms, Carnegie Mellon was keeping inventory on piss — indirectly, of course.

5 Years Ago
Sept. 13, 2004
A restaurant review for Zenith Antique Shop, located in the South Side, appears in this week’s issue. Zenith is a vegan restaurant that possibly has the greatest brunch menu in all of Pittsburgh — and yes, that more than includes Schatz. The premises also house an antique store that sells vintage clothing and an art gallery.

1 Year Ago
Sept. 22, 2008
A Forum article argues that new corn syrup commercials that urge consumers to eat foods containing the product have been perpetuating unhealthy eating in America, where everyone is fat. The accompanying art even depicts a mountain of ice cream, cake, and fattening food sitting on the dinner table, while all the healthy items are out in the recycle bin.