Leadership Perspectives

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In just a few short days, leaders of the most prominent countries of the world will be gathering in Pittsburgh for the G20 Summit. With so much at stake on an international scale, Carnegie Mellon students should keep themselves updated about the discussions and debates that will occur not far from the heart of our campus. As Student Body Vice President and President, Adam and I will do all that we can to provide information to the student body, both from the administration and through various student groups and organizations in regard to specific issues discussed by G20 world leaders.

Our primary event for promoting awareness for the summit will take place this Friday, Sept. 18 from 4–8 p.m. at the Fence/CFA Lawn, with the rain location in the UC Kirr and Wean Commons. Dubbed “The G-20 Awareness Fair,” this event will be co-sponsored by Student Government and AB Special Events. We are working with various multicultural, political, and service Student Organizations to put together a really awesome event that will provide information about what the G20 is and will allow for interactive sessions where students wishing to take a more active role within the Awareness Fair may voice opinions and promote specific concerns with many student leaders and organizations. It is also an opportunity for you to come and learn more about what will be happening in Pittsburgh around the G20 and how you can get to these events. As an additional perk for all those who attend, food will be provided!

It is unlikely that such an amazing opportunity for Carnegie Mellon students to gain a greater understanding of international current events will occur again during the rest of our time here at Carnegie Mellon. We ask that each student take at least a few minutes out of their Friday evening to come to the G-20 Awareness Fair to collaborate with the many student organizations that will be there and learn about various issues in our international society. These issues are the problems and discussions that we will have to encounter and solve within our lifetimes, and it is important to acquire as much information as possible so we may make a difference when the time comes. As Carnegie Mellon students and pioneers in education, we can do no less.

As always, feel free to contact me at rabimbol@ or Adam at agklein@ if you have any questions or concerns. Check out the student government website at for updates on our initiatives, and meet us at our weekly office hours every Friday at noon, either at the UC black chairs or by the Fence.