Did you know?

100 Years Ago
Sept. 22, 1909
In the “Pertinent and Impertinent” section, it is noted that The Margaret Morrison School is offering a new graduate course in “Normal Work.” I can only imagine the grueling undergraduate courses that one must have taken to be eligible to take on this type of baggage as a graduate student.

50 Years Ago
Sept. 23, 1959
Ah, the ’50s. A quaint time when there actually was a cigarette ad on every single page of The Tartan. This included one such ad from Marlboro and Philip Morris, which claimed to “upgrade my gusto, magnify my cheer, and broaden my bliss.”

25 Years Ago
Sept. 12, 1984
The classifieds section advertises “Exotic Dancers — both male and female — and Stripper Grams for parties.” Now that’s what I have always been wanting from my newspaper: a one-stop shop for all things newsworthy and exotic. It’s a shame The Tartan no longer affords us this opportunity.

10 Years Ago
Aug. 30, 1999
“Tuition will rise again” is the main headline this week as the Board of Trustees votes to increase tuition by 11.3 percent, bringing the total cost to just under $30,000. With all the current changes on campus with regard to dining, renovations, and whatnot, it sure is refreshing to see that some things haven’t changed a bit.

5 Years Ago
Sept. 9, 2004
“Hour without Power” is a front page headline that talks about how all of campus and parts of Squirrel Hill were completely without power for part of the afternoon. This caused much displeasure among the party-going campus community, as they were unable to complete their own “power hours” during this time.

1 Year Ago
Sept. 8, 2008
Health Talk this week brings up the subject of phantom limbs, a condition in which amputees report feeling pain in their lost appendages. This isn’t as rare a condition as you may think, though, as some receivers on our very own football team suffer from a different type of “phantom limbs” from time to time... meaning, they drop passes.