Everything you need to know

Dear Rohit,

I am not really great when it comes to the dating scene. I falter a lot when it comes to the pivotal step — you know, making the move. What should I do?

—Still Inexperienced, Not Great Lover Emotionally


Meeting someone is less about “making a move” and more about starting a conversation. Just start talking about something; be friendly. Even if you’re just at the grocery store, getting the conversation started is about 60 percent of the battle (another 30 percent is getting his or her number, and the remaining 10 percent is not embarrassing yourself during the actual conversation). Once you’re talking, stay alert to any relationship status clues and whether he or she seems to be digging you. Then go for it!

Here’s my expert advice when it comes to situations like this. Generally, you can at least tell if someone finds you somewhat interesting and/or attractive. If you genuinely feel there’s a connection and you’d like to see him or her again, what do you have to lose? As long as it’s not someone you work with, the absolute worst thing that could happen is you ask for his or her number and you get a “no.” However, the best case is that you’ll fall in love, have lots of hot crazy sex, get married, and live happily ever after — the fairytale ending we all want.

So get down to it, okay? You’ve got to date a few that aren’t perfect before you find one that is. Oh, and let me know if your love interest has a sister.

Single and ready to mingle,

— Rohit

Dear Rohit,

I can’t live without everything in my room being absolutely spotless, but my roommate is a slob. Everything else between us is great, but I’m sick of cleaning up after him. How can I save our friendship without cleaning up all the time?

—Nearly Emotional About Trash

Dear NEAT,

This is a situation that is played out in many a dorm room and ends with varying degrees of trash left lying around. What you need to do first is to think about what you can and cannot deal with. You really cannot expect your roommate to completely turn around and be as clean as you, so be prepared for it.

Try talking to him about the things you cannot bear, even for a moment, to see in your room, and ask him to put in an effort. If that works, then maybe you can push a bit more. If not, get out your war dress and annoy him to the point that he has no choice left.

Wait, that was a joke, don’t do that. Just give him a few subtle hints by putting all his trash in and around his bed. He’ll get the point and then you have a germ-free zone to live in.

Don’t forget to recycle,

— Rohit