Stats speaking

Most people have read the statistics found on or in the Admissions Office regarding how many prospective students were accepted versus enrolled or what the average high school GPA was for the incoming first-years. What we do not usually hear about are the more interesting numbers that illustrate the first-year class. Get to know the Class of 2013+ better by reading these intriguing statistics:

Number of incoming first-years: 1461

Number of continents, countries represented by incoming first-years: 6, 27

Number of first-years on the football team: 42

Number of accepted and declined first-years with straight A’s throughout high school: 253, 864

Percent of first-years class considered internatioal**: 14, 15

**Meaning non-U.S. citizens/permanent residents

Sources: Office of Admission's General Information, Jason Nevinger, Everett Tademy,