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As your Student Body Vice President, I would like to welcome both returning students and first-year students alike to another splendid year at Carnegie Mellon. As you embark on your studies and explore the many extracurriculars that Carnegie Mellon has to offer, it is important to remember that your Student Government representatives are here to help you and improve your experience whenever necessary.

Rotimi and I have been working diligently this summer to set the framework for our for the coming year’s initiatives and to ensure that the school year gets started on the right foot.

This year, we envision a Student Government that will keep you connected with your representatives, aim to aid you with the stresses of the current economic situation, and, of course, establish a new order and tradition of school pride in our students. Indeed, we hope that you will take full advantage of all the initiatives that we have planned this year.

On behalf of your Student Government, I would like to welcome all students into a new era of transparency and accountability. This year, Rotimi and I will stay connected with you using a variety of web-based technologies, including the Mad Minute, which will be a short clip of Rotimi and I updating you about Student Government on our website, and our Twitter account. Please follow us on Twitter at AK2010cmuStuGov. In addition, we hope that you will provide Rotimi and me with constant feedback, either by e-mailing us or coming to our office hours, which will be announced soon.

In a continuation of our initiatives to boost Carnegie Mellon spirit, Rotimi and I are bringing you the Tartan Rewards Program, which will honor students who attend various athletic events on campus. In essence, the program will reward you for being a loyal fan and dedicated Tartan. With a little more work and planning, this program will extend to events related to the fine arts and beyond!

Thanks to the support of the Athletic Department, the Career Center, and Carnegie Clan, we hope to bring you a number of exciting events this year and tons of free prizes and food.

The first Tartan Rewards event kicks off with the first football game of the season on Sept. 5 at 1 p.m. in Gesling Stadium. As the Orientation Reunion, this event will be a chance for first-years to relive the experience of Orientation while also cheering for the Tartan football team. I encourage all of you attend this inaugural event.

Until then, enjoy the first week of classes!