Did you know?

100 years ago
April 28, 1909

The Margaret Morrison School is treated to a surprise dance coordinated by the school’s administrators. The event will be held in the school gym. Upon hearing the news, a girl stated that she and her friends “screamed with delight.” The class apparently deserved it, as a teacher claimed, “Let the children enjoy themselves. They do not have much fun.”

50 years ago
April 29, 1959

According to a Winston ad, “Archimedes makes another great discovery.... it’s what’s up front that counts!” By up front, Winston means the front of the cigarette, which contains tobacco that has been “selected for flavor and mildness.” What isn’t included is “Archimedes’ Principle: Part II.” This law basically states that a cigarette placed in a pitcher of beer roughly displaces the amount of one Cool (or Kool) unit.

25 years ago
April 30, 1984

The Carnegie Mellon Ultimate Frisbee Club defeats Bucknell and Penn State to advance to the regional playoffs held at Princeton University. The club captain states that for the competition, “everything really jelled.” Despite the upcoming final exams, all 15 Ultimate members will attend the tournament. This is sure to be an event that will be “disc”-ussed all across campus.

10 years ago
April 26, 1999

In the “A Person’s Opinion” article, the question “What are your plans for the summer?” is asked. Responses range from “interning” to “looking forward to the sunshine, and getting a job at home.” Faced with the fact that for the first time in years, the article looks legitimate, the author decides to ask the clock outside of Doherty Hall. Its response: “I’ll be counting down the seconds until the fall semester!” We can only pray that whoever wrote this was immediately suspended from writing indefinitely.

1 year ago
April 28, 2008

A study is carried out to see whether students approve of +/- grading. The results showed that 68 percent of students were against the grading, while the other 32 percent said that they were for changing the grade. Unfortunately, the poll did not use the extended system of polling, which includes viewpoints like approving minus and disapproving plus.