Adventures, funnel cakes, and funny incidents

What is your favorite part of Carnival?
Boooooth! —AY
Deep-fried Oreos. —HT

How do you think this year’s theme compared to last year’s theme of “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!”?
Much better! A lot of the groups did some really creative things this year, from board games to books to adaptations. —AY
I think this year’s theme somehow motivated people to be more innovative with the booths. —HS
“Epic Adventures” is much more Carnegie Mellon then last year’s theme. —KS

Which booth was a “true adventure”? Which one was just didn’t live up?
POKÉMON all the way, although I’m Asian. —CM
Sig Tau’s Tron booth was a snore, but AEPi’s Wall-E booth was incredible. —DM
As for the true adventure, I’d be torn between the PokéBooth and the Goonies one. —HS
Back to the Future. —KS

Which is cooler: Mobot or Buggy?
Buggy is less nerdy compared to Mobot, therefore it’s cooler? —CM
Buggy! Hands down. —HT
Without a doubt, the mobots —DM
Hmm. I don’t know. Both are oh-so-very-Carnegie Mellon. —HS

Would you rather be squished into a buggy and be pushed down a hill or eat three funnel cakes without a break?
Definitely pushed in a buggy! It would be pretty intense, but I’d really love to learn how to steer one of those. Also, their names are all wicked cool. Malice! Firebird! —AY
You can never, ever have enough funnel cake. —HT
Be squished into a buggy. —HS
Buggy... there’s less of a chance I’ll throw up. —YL
Three funnel cakes, of course. —CL

Did anything funny happen to you over Carnival?
My biceps started aching from cooking so much funnel cake and fried Oreos. —AY
Nothing particular this year, but last year I saw fried Oreos for the first time in my life. I thought those were pretty funny. WHY would anyone want to do that? WHY? WHY? WHY?!?! I couldn’t stop asking. —HS
My face was dyed purple all of Saturday. I got stopped and asked if I would mind having my picture taken. —KS

What are you going to do now that Carnival weekend has passed?
Finishing a project, doing my homework, studying for my exam. Do I have choice? —CM
Editing. Lots and lots of editing. —DM
Write papers. Give presentations. Then write some more papers. —HS
Study... because we’re at Carnegie Mellon and that’s all I do anymore. —YL