New chick flick focuses on groom’s perspective

I Love You, Man puts a quirky new spin on the average clichéd chick flick, turning it into a fresh comedy about a man who has everything in the world except a friend to share it with. While most movies about weddings focus on the bride, this movie turns the focus on the groom and his unique struggles before the wedding.

I Love You, Man follows Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd), a real estate agent, who just got engaged to Zooey Rice (Rashida Jones) and suddenly realizes that he doesn’t have anyone special to share the exciting news with. His parents call him a “girlfriend guy,” referring to the fact that his male friends just don’t seem to stick by him for very long.

After overhearing his fiancée’s friends worry that he won’t have any groomsmen, Peter decides to ask his gay brother Robbie (Andy Samberg) for advice. After a series of unsuccessful “man-dates” (including one that ends in a very awkward tongue kiss), Peter decides to give up on finding a male friend and, consequently, a best man.

But then he finds “love” at an open house at Lou Ferrigno’s in Sydney Fife (Jason Segel). Sydney impresses Peter with his honesty and ability to judge people and they consequently exchange business cards, giving Peter the opportunity for one last man-date. Peter calls Sydney and leaves an embarrassingly bad voice message, but still sets up a date for drinks. It is there where Sydney gets Peter to open up more about himself and his private life.

After a good evening together — and a new nickname for Peter, “Pistol Pete” — Sydney and Peter share another lunch before Sydney brings Peter to his “man cave.” In the “man cave” Peter discovers Sydney’s collection of rock instruments and Rush — a Canadian rock band — paraphernalia and they bond by playing instruments to Rush music. Peter falls in love with “slap[pin] the bass [guitar]” with Sydney, but continues to be uneasy around Sydney and comes up with random nicknames that don’t make sense — including “Totes Magotes.”

It is with Sydney that Peter finds his inner rock star and allows himself to become more free-spirited and loose. Peter then invites Sydney to his engagement party where Sydney finally meets Zooey. Peter later takes Zooey to a Rush concert with Sydney instead of the couple’s tradition of staying at home to watch HBO. At the concert, Zooey realizes that Peter has so much more fun with Sydney and fears that she’s losing him.

Later, Peter goes tuxedo shopping with Sydney and gets convinced to buy a blue suit and get out of his normal boring routine. Sydney also asks Peter to loan him $8000, which Peter does after confiding in Sydney the whole story of finding a male friend and finally asking him to be his best man.

From this point on, as expected, troubles in Peter and Sydney’s and Peter and Zooey’s relationship crop up, creating the required drama in the movie and pulling together the climax.

Overall, I Love You, Man is a heartwarming comedy that explores that true awkwardness of male platonic relationships. Segel fits his place as the outrageous but ever-so-loving best man and Rudd perfects his role as an uptight but child-at-heart groom.

Peter and Sydney make quite the duo in this hilarious comedy. Their vulgar jokes combined with their love for one another provide a light-hearted, endearing movie for anyone’s enjoyment.