Search for a Scottie Cheer

Credit: Kristen Severson/Photo Editor Credit: Kristen Severson/Photo Editor

Two Carnegie Mellon students, Jarrett Adams and Kush Mangal, have come up with the idea of organizing a competition for the best “Scottie cheer.”

This competition was kicked off on Carnival weekend and will be going on until April 29. The best cheer will be chosen from the many entries that will be posted on YouTube. This cheer will be part of the orientation process for next year’s first-year class, which will be taught the cheer so the students can remember their school spirit for the following four years.

“We thought of this competition mainly because we want to see a vast increase in school spirit at Carnegie Mellon,” said Jarrett Adams, sophomore H&SS interdisciplinary student. “Because of the vast amount of talent on campus, we decided that putting the cheer in the student body's hands was the most beneficial thing we could do.”

Facebook groups, events, and other advertisements are being used by the organizers to raise awareness and encourage students to take part in this competition.

Adams also commented, “When I was in high school, school spirit was a huge part of my life. Coming to Carnegie Mellon and not having the unity year-round we see at Orientation and Spring Carnival became somewhat alarming to me. I thought, well, I'd like to see this awesome sense of community all the time.”

Ashhad Khan, a sophomore civil engineer and rugby team member, said, “ I think that our team would do much better than we do if we knew that we had the support of our entire university behind us. This competition will provide the opportunity for students to show their fellow students and members of their school’s athletic teams that they are with their school.”

This is not only the case for athletic teams but also for teams representing the university in every other sphere.

When asked about his opinion of the competition, Sagar Shah, a sophomore in electrical and computer engineering, replied, “I think it’s a great idea that everyone is trying to raise school spirit. Even though we have a lot of school spirit, that is one area Carnegie Mellon definitely needs to work on.”