Letter to the Editor

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This letter is in response to the April 13 article, “Students get free admission.”

I am a strong believer that diversity will lead to a strong and healthy community. I do not believe, however, that diversity should be the primary factor for students’ getting into college.

When university admissions offices and lawmakers make decisions based solely to promote diversity, they are making a serious error. Admitted students should show a balance between ethnic diversity, academic strength, and personal uniqueness.

In no way does the 10 percent admissions law in Texas promote this necessary balance. Even if the law does promotes ethnic diversity, it does so at the expense of students who have stronger academics and likely have vibrant personalities.

Furthermore, this law demonstrates a complete lack of faith in our fellow Americans. We are a great country because we willingly embrace people of every race, religion, and creed.

If campus diversity only exists because the law forces us to have it, then our universities are no better than the students who chucked rocks at the Little Rock Nine in 1957.

I believe our nation has come a long way since those days, and that campus officials can be trusted to promote a healthy balance within the campus community. We do not need a law to force the issue, especially when it unfairly places ethnic diversity as the primary factor for college admissions.

Josh Eickmeier, CIT and H&SS, 2011