Ford has business and people smarts, money

Credit: Jessica Thurston/Art Editor Credit: Jessica Thurston/Art Editor

It’s possible — an American automaker can make wise decisions all on its own without federal aid.

The Ford Motor Company is the only American automaker that has not asked for a bailout from the federal government, yet as of last Monday, it had managed to reduce its debt by 38 percent, or $9.9 billion.

Not only has Ford chosen to use its own funds to buy back millions of dollars of debt, but their smart decision-making skills are also showcased in their decision to reach an agreement with the United Automobile Workers (UAW) union on retiree health care. Not surprisingly, General Motors and Chrysler have yet to reach an agreement with the UAW about their health care obligations. Ford’s work with the UAW is also a testament to the company’s goodwill toward its employees and consumers, an achievement that General Motors and Chrysler have yet to accomplish.

While the government has given billions of dollars to the GM and Chrysler enterprises, neither corporation has achieved the same level of success as Ford.

Employing individualism, weathering through adversity, and making commercials full of trucks and mud — these are the values in the hearts of all Americans, and Ford has clearly demonstrated its fidelity to these values and to Americans.

We applaud Ford’s decisiveness and independence from the government during the present economic downturn. As the media constantly barrages viewers with negative coverage of botched bailout plans and corporate financial corruption, we appreciate the positive, refreshing news of an American industry succeeding.

We sincerely hope that all American industries are able to follow Ford example and manage to pull through the recession. Meanwhile, Ford gets a gold star from us for not completely wasting the government’s — and the people’s — money.