Lack of publicity for elections disappointing

Student government elections will occur in less than a week, yet thus far, there has been very little publicity from either the elections board or the candidates to help get the student body informed, involved, and voting, and we’re unhappy with this.

Until Friday afternoon, there seemed to be no sign of the upcoming elections on campus — the usual posters that litter the walls of every building on campus were missing, and even on Friday, there were only campaigners on the Cut for one of the three tickets for student body president and vice president.

Despite the lack of publicity about the elections or the candidates on campus, many students are still at least partially informed about the election, as each candidate has a Facebook group dedicated to his or her campaign, and each also has a website outlining his or her campaign promises.

Publicity for this year’s elections has been almost entirely done on Facebook, and even then, groups didn’t really contain any information about the candidates or their platforms until the middle of last week. This gives the student body very little time to learn enough about the candidates and their goals to make an informed decision before voting next week. Students now have less than one week in which to learn everything they can about the candidates for student body president and student body vice president of finance before voting begins next Sunday.

The student government website only updated candidates in the middle of last week, and even at the time of this article’s publication, the candidates’ platforms aren’t available on the student government site.

While we know that it is difficult to properly publicize elections when they occur only two weeks after spring break, we think that the elections board should be doing more to make the student body aware of the elections and properly educate them about the candidates.

We encourage students to visit the candidates’ websites to learn more about what each candidate plans to do if elected; more information about the candidates can be found on page A1 of this week’s issue. In addition, we encourage students to attend today’s debates, which will take place at 5 p.m. in Doherty Hall 2315, and will offer students the opportunity to ask about the candidates’ platforms and plans for the upcoming year.