Did you know?

100 years ago
March 3, 1909

Even 100 years ago, math humor still existed on our hallowed grounds. A joke in this week’s edition of The Tartan describes a man who says his mind “isn’t large enough to reach infinity.” Another man then tells him, “Draw it to 1/4 scale, maybe you can reach it then.”

50 years ago
March 4, 1959

Inside Carnegie Technical, the scientific magazine of Carnegie Tech, one article is based on the rings of Saturn, while another describes how a nuclear reactor works. The most impressive article is a rigorous chemical decomposition of “vitameatavegiman,” an elixir featured on I Love Lucy.

25 years ago
March 5, 1984

A student writes a glowing review for Phil Collins’ album, No Jack Required, calling it “enchanting” and “jazzlike.” However, a bad review is given for the album cover, which is just a huge picture of Phil Collins’ face. I guess you can’t blame him. Who else can rock so softly?

10 years ago
March 8, 1999

After a wave of resignations from Student Senate, student activities take the back burner. Several groups requiring funding have found it hard to locate the appropriate Senators to get approval. This means that some student groups have to face having no funding to carry out their normal practices. Evidence of this can be seen from The Tartan issues in 1999, where budget cuts have forced staffwriters to omit vowels from their articles.

5 years ago
March 1, 2004

The men’s water polo team hosts its first tourney in the main pool of the University Center. Winning several games before finally losing to Army, the Tartans held a fine showing of their talent in their first serious year on campus. In fact, their performance went so well that the “Fish Out of the Water” league, headed by Marco, wishes to merge the two clubs.

1 year ago
March 3, 2008

Carnegie Mellon proudly announces that only nine other colleges in the entire country have higher tuition. With a measly 6 percent increase to just over $35,000 per year (without room and board), students couldn’t be happier. One student proudly claimed that the money was well spent. Thankfully, no one reacted negatively to the increase, as everyone here has plenty of money to pay for tuition. On another positive note, this year’s pleasant economic news will make tuition even easier to pay than last year.