10 ways a date could go wrong

This Valentine’s Day, try and make your first date perfect by avoiding all the things that could potentially cause embarrassment. Here is a list of things that can go wrong, making the day memorable for very wrong reasons. Be sure to keep the following in mind when you’re out on your date.

1. Wait, wait, wait: Your date is set, the time and place have been decided, but you’re left waiting for your date in the chilly Pittsburgh weather. In the end, your date does show up, but an hour late. Moreover, the reason for the tardiness is something lame, like “Sorry, I was at the last level of Warcraft and just couldn’t leave.”

2. Out of gas: Love is in the air. With hand in hand, staring into one another’s eyes, you are driving to the restaurant, but suddenly, the romantic song playing on the car stereo changes to a rickety noise. The car stops! The next thing you know, your date looks like a greasy mechanic, which is a complete turn-off.

3. Come one, come all: Things can become hard to manage if you end up bumping into a group of friends at the restaurant and have to dine with a whole bunch of unwanted people instead of just your date. To make things worse, you might bump into an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. So, if it happens, try to stay cool and act normal. This will impress your Valentine even more.

4. Oodles of noodles: If the venue of your date is a Chinese restaurant, be careful about how you eat your noodles. If you order noodles and eat them very messily (which is likely to happen, as noodles are not easy to handle in situations where one is nervous), remember that this mess is going to put your date off instantly.

5. It’s burning hot: The cup of hot coffee sitting on the table falls on your date’s clothes. He or she tries to wash it off, but big brown patches still remain. It’s understandable that you’re nervous, but try not to be too clumsy. Also, wear darker colors so that if something spills on you, it won’t be too noticeable.

6. A night with the Doc: You are very adventurous, and you take your date to a completely new restaurant. The food turns out to be awful and makes your date so sick that a visit to the doctor has to be made instead of the promised after-dinner walk in the park.

7. Where’s my wallet?: The dinner is over and it’s time to pay the check. But where is your wallet? It turns out that you’ve forgotten your wallet and you have to make your date pay for the dinner. This is just not desirable, as all future prospects are ruined at this very moment. It’s mandatory to double-check before one leaves the house that there is enough money (preferably a credit card or two to impress your date) to pay for both of you.

8. No photo shoots, please: The last thing you should ever do is to take photographs of your date on your phone, especially if this is the first date. It can be very creepy. A strict no-no!

9. Hitting on someone else: A sexy person enters the room and you just cannot take your eyes off him or her. You can kiss your date good-bye.

10. Tring, tring: The date is going well, but your phone begins to ring, and then rings again, and again, and again. Someone or other keeps on calling. This can be an instant turn-off, especially if you keep answering the phone.

If these horrors still happen, then be ready with some instant solutions, as you are now familiar with the worst-case scenario.