Love anthems for V-Day

Credit: Rachel Inman, Art Staff Credit: Rachel Inman, Art Staff

Valentine’s Day is the day of love envied, denied, remembered, and ignored. Soundtracks can back our lives, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. The following playlists act as lyrical and musical backings to the various situations found on Valentine’s Day. The purpose of a soundtrack is both to define an atmosphere and to heighten the feelings of that atmosphere to the point where the listener(s) gain something out of the experience. Each of these particular playlists has a different theme, audience, and goal for the listener.

This playlist is for the emotional ones, those without love, or love newly lost. Great soundtracks for a loveless V-Day can be made by avoiding the one-dimensional trap of self-pity. This list has a specific lyrical and musical arc that is designed to leave you feeling better about your situation. These sad saps must confront their sadness by confirming its existence, and shifting them into a light-hearted acknowledgment of their ridiculousness.

My Bitter Man’s Playlist:
Ben Folds Five — “Song for the Dumped”
Kanye West — “Heartless”
Fiona Apple — “Not About Love”
Rivers Coumo — “Can’t Stop Partying”
Radiohead — “There There”
Liars — “The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack”
The Postal Service — “We Will All Be Silhouettes”
Asleep at the Wheel — “I Ain’t got Nobody”
Bob Dylan — “Most Likely You Go Your Way”
Beck — “Loser”

Oh, so you aren’t a sad sap after all? Now that you have that extra pep, you want to impress that cute student in Physics II? Well, shucks, here’s just the little cute-but-not-too-cute-but-still-suave playlist that will set the scene without making it seem like you put too much effort into it. It can’t help you much past the music, as the talking and personality is all up to you. The aim of this soundtrack is to convey your intelligence through the inclusion of some complex songs, return to familiar and simple territory to let them focus on your personality, and then finish with cute songs that will win over their heart.

Romantically Plausible Playlist:
Peter Bjorn & John — “Paris 2004”
Radiohead — “Reckoner”
Animal Collective — “In the Flowers”
Sublime — “Santeria”
She & Him — “I Was Made For You”
The Beatles — “Michelle”
The Postal Service — “Such Great Heights”
The White Stripes — “Hotel Yorba”
Billy Bragg & Wilco — “California Stars”
Uncle Earl — “Wallflower”

This next set of tracks is for that special someone whom you have known for years. It is that special someone with whom so many memories have already been forged, and you’re just waiting for an evening with the two of you to recapture the beauty of your relationship. This playlist has been specifically mulled over to concoct that special combination of beauty and poignancy, of power and humbleness, which truly makes moments special. Spend an evening at home over a specially cooked meal and play these tracks.

The Rebirth of Love, or Love Remembered Playlist:
Van Morrison — “Astral Weeks”
The Shins — “A Comet Appears”
The Beatles — “Julia”
Wilco — “Jesus, etc. “
Brendan Benson — “What I’m Looking For”
The White Stripes — “We’re Going to Be Friends”
Bob Dylan — “If Not for You”
Feist — “1234”
Lupe Fiasco — “Paris, Tokyo”
The Lemonheads — “Bit Part”
She & Him — “I Should Have Known Better”

Fight the system, be your own person and rebel against Valentine’s Day! Some people just quite aren’t into the whole V-Day theme. Maybe they have bad memories; maybe they feel that a whole day devoted to love is silly. This next playlist is an attempt to encompass a vast set of music genres without the theme of love, whether lost, gained, or envied.

Rebellious Anti-Romantic’s Playlist:
Lil’ Wayne — “3 Peat”
Panda Bear — “Take Pills”
The Rolling Stones — “Stop Breaking Down”
Spoon — “I Turn My Camera On”
The Futureheads — “Robot”
TV On the Radio — “Dancing Choose”
Billy Bragg & Wilco — “Against th’ Law”
Wolf Parade — “I’ll Believe In Anything”
Vampire Weekend — “Oxford Comma”
Beck — “Modern Guilt”