Did you know?

100 years ago
Feb. 10, 1909

The Glee and Mandolin Clubs are preparing for their annual concert next week. The Mandolin Club boasts a repertoire of 22 pieces. As for the Glee Club, 40 men plan to serenade their audience with the new school song, “Hail Carnegie.” Andrew Carnegie, upon hearing the news, is somewhat annoyed that it has have taken nine full years to get his own song of devotion.

50 years ago
Feb. 11, 1959

The annual WRITE competition is underway. The prize committee is accepting humorous articles, editorials, radio scripts, and technical articles. Students are encouraged to apply, as they have “nothing to lose, and everything to gain.” By “everything,” they mean a grand prize of $25 for winners in each category.

25 years ago
Feb. 12, 1984

In another contest, Carnegie Mellon is giving away two tickets to see Rodney Dangerfield. The rules are short and sweet: describe in 25 words or less why you get no respect. This greatly supercedes last year’s Rodney Dangerfield contest, where contestants competed to see who could get kicked out of a golf club the quickest.

10 years ago
Feb. 8, 1999

In “A Person’s Opinion,” students are asked what they are doing for Valentine’s Day. Not surprisingly, all responses published seem to come from those without dates. A mechanical engineer boasts that he is “going to a black anti-Valentine’s day party.” Even a professor of computer science is bitter toward romance: writing off the holiday as a “product of a commercialized society.” That may be true, professor, but so are computers.

5 years ago
Feb. 9, 2004

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Skibo Coffeehouse had a series of date auctions held by different student groups. Pictures of this event display several auctionees scantily clad in just their underwear while they strut their stuff on stage. Looks like while some found this sight enjoyable, others just lost their appetite.

1 year ago,
Feb. 11, 2008

Students who lock themselves out of their dorm rooms are expected to pay up. Visits from the police now cost students nothing for the first offense, with increments of $5 for every subsequent offense. Also, loss of room key now costs $25, up from $15. Why the increase? It looks to me like another attack on the school’s sizable “absent-minded” minority.