Did you know?

100 years ago
Feb. 24, 1909

A restaurant with the name of MacDonald’s advertises as “the standard of excellence.” Offering “candies, ice cream soda, and fancy boxes,” MacDonald’s (not to be confused with the modern chain) guarantees a level of quality that today’s fast food patrons can only dream of. Really, when was the last time you had french fries served to you in a snuff box?

50 years ago
Feb. 25, 1959

Delta Upsilon fraternity is reprimanded for making a general ruckus. Pledges of the fraternity set off fireworks, which disturbed their neighbors. The judge presiding over the case shows the fraternity no mercy, ordering a “disciplinary warning” and giving the fraternity an “academic warning.” Making the front page of The Tartan, the heinous acts of Delta Upsilon will be remembered forever in infamy.

25 years ago
March 5, 1984

Hunt Library closes off its meeting rooms due to the lack of manpower to take care of them. Often, rooms would be left filthy. Other times, students would study in these rooms till late, bringing up issues of safety. Thankfully, the problem was solved with the addition of the Tepper School of Business, where students can proudly use state-of-the-art meeting rooms and even get yelled at for putting their feet on top of tables.

10 years ago
Feb. 22, 1999

Carnegie Mellon’s population enters a boom period. With a record number of applicants, the school considers allowing more students through its doors. Editors at The Tartan disagree. Citing examples of students’ being denied choices of classes and even majors, The Tartan suggests putting a cap on admissions. The largest piece of evidence for overcrowding is the suggestion of renaming the university “Pitt: Part II.”

5 years ago
Feb. 26, 2004

The over-on-the-other-side Qatari campus, which Carnegie Mellon is so proud of, has been finalized. The agreement between the Qatar Foundation for Education and Carnegie Mellon is finally sealed. President Cohon expresses his excitement about the opening of this new branch, which allows Carnegie Mellon to become a part of Qatar’s Education City.

1 year ago
Feb. 25, 2008
Bill Gates stops by to give the last talk on his farewell tour. In his lecture, Gates envisions the future of technology and also mentions his foundation. After the talk, students ask questions, such as “Where do you see Microsoft in 10 years?” and “My computer has performed an illegal operation. Does this mean jail time?”