Did you know?

100 Years Ago
Nov. 24, 1909
A notice appeared in The Tartan advising that the dean is in possession of a box of cigars that he offers to students who visit him. I can only wonder if President Cohon has his own box of old stogies to hand out, though I suppose he’d have candy cigars instead.

50 Years Ago
Nov. 18, 1959
Over 100 spectators apparently turned out for a co-rec volleyball semifinals match between the “Chicks” and the “Coeds,” an impressive number for what is basically an intramural game. I feel like someone in charge of varsity sports should get on the phone with 1959 to figure out the secret to attracting a crowd.

25 Years Ago
Nov. 20, 1984
A first-year graduate student vented in a Letter to the Editor about a past article wherein the original author was naive enough to claim that drugs only harm the individual using them directly. I hear you, brother — I can’t even count the number of times I’ve had to verbally abuse my friends for not doing drugs with me.

10 Years Ago
Nov. 22, 1999
An advertisement from a loving couple ran this week seeking a 21- to 33-year-old college student or graduate to have a baby for them because they are infertile. They were offering $25,000 in compensation plus any expenses. I’ll just take a minute here and let that one sink in.

5 Years Ago
Nov. 22, 2004
The Person’s Opinion section asks students what they think of Congress’s decision to increase the limit of the national debt by $800 billion to $8.18 trillion. One first-year’s response is: “Shit. That’s a lot of zeros.”

1 Year Ago
Nov. 24, 2008
It is announced that the Hunt Library will soon be renovated with hopes of changing the ambiance of the place where many of us spend long hours studying. Hey Hunt, I’m willing to get the ball rolling on my grand design for a roof water slide.