Leadership Perspectives

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As your Student Body Vice President for Finance, my role is to oversee the spending of the revenue generated by the $92 per semester student activities fee that all students pay. This is primarily done by serving as chair of the Joint Funding Committee, which allocates yearly budgets for CoSO-recognized student organizations. This means that unless you are a student organization leader, my work is likely invisible to you. Therefore, I’d like to briefly summarize my initiatives over the past semester.

In September, I passed a slate of amendments to the Student Body Constitution and Joint Funding Committee Bylaws, which were approved by the Undergraduate Student Senate and Graduate Student Assembly. The most significant changes included increasing the size of the JFC from 11 to a maximum of 17 students, adding attendance requirements to hold JFC members accountable for their responsibilities, and changing the JFC funding policy for groups splitting off from existing student organizations.

That same month, I launched a publicity campaign to recruit applicants for the JFC, which in previous years had consisted mostly of Senators and a few organization leaders. This year’s 17-member committee is arguably the most diverse JFC yet, with 13 undergraduate and four graduate students representing all eight colleges, all class levels, and varying ethnic backgrounds, campus involvement, and levels of Student Government experience.

The committee convened in October, and representatives were assigned to organizations shortly after. Unlike in previous years, JFC members have begun meeting with our groups in the fall to truly get to know the organizations we represent, though the budget proposal process does not begin until January. In addition to meeting with their executive boards, I have urged the representatives to attend their groups’ events and general body meetings.

In addition, one of the goals set forth by the President’s Student Advisory Council is to encourage more collaboration among student organizations on campus. This has also been an area of focus for the JFC, both by encouraging the groups we are working with to hold joint events and by establishing a stronger relationship between our committee and CoSO.

If you have any questions about JFC, the funding process, or issues related to the Student Activities Fee, you can e-mail me anytime at sbt@ or stop by my office hours on Mondays from 4:30–5:30 p.m.

Have a good Thanksgiving, and good luck with finals.