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On Nov. 19, a California-based religious organization says that it is coming to Carnegie Mellon to hand out copies of Charles Darwin’s On The Origin of Species, edited to include a 50-page introduction. This addition essentially claims that the theory of evolution caused Nazism, the field of biology is populated by dishonest frauds, and that if you believe the scientific evidence for evolution, then you are stupid.

Someone has written a 50-page introduction to On the Origin of Species to prove he has never read On the Origin of Species. This introduction, currently available in full on the website of “Living Waters Ministries” (check the tab next to their merchandise section), also takes a sentence here and there to compare being gay to terrorism and to call Buddhism a religion of denial. Who is it that’s bringing such statements to campus under the guise of “reasoned debate?” None other than Ray Comfort, who you may recall from the infamous “Banana: Proof of God” video on YouTube. Think of it as the theological equivalent of “Fat Kid with Lightsaber.” Comfort’s other works include Evolution: A Fairy-Tale For Grownups, Militant Evangelism, and the 1991 classic Russia Will Attack Israel, in which he apparently foresaw a Soviet invasion of the state of Israel to trigger the battle for Armageddon. Hopefully his latest work will be as prescient and thoughtful as the rest. The intent of this campaign is to distribute thousands of copies of the book (minus a religiously inconvenient chapter or two) to young people across America’s top 100 college campuses. Carnegie Mellon’s secular student group — Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics (aha!) — encourages all students to pick up a (free) copy of this 50-page personal attack on your intelligence, your personal beliefs, and your lifestyle if it is brought to campus this Nov. 19. That way, the next time anyone tries to pretend with a straight face that there’s a real, reasonable debate between science and creationism, you’ll have it straight from the mouth of a creationist that there is none.