Did you know?

100 Years Ago
Oct. 6, 2009
According to an article in this week’s issue, 50 people showed up for the first glee club meeting of the year, which the writer notes is a harbinger of what could be the best year ever for the group. Honestly, this just reminded me that the new television series Glee, shown on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox, is pretty solid and you should consider watching it. Also, “Did you know?” will now be sponsored by the Fox Network.

50 Years Ago
Oct. 7, 1959
The Tartan announces that its “Coed of the Week” feature is having a new contest for men wherein male admirers of the aforementioned coeds can send in names of whom they’d like to see selected by the photography staff. I wonder if this sounded as creepy and stalker-esque to students back then as it does now.

25 Years Ago
Oct. 9, 1984
“Four Students Injured in MMA Brawl” is the headline this week after a fight broke out involving more than 40 students outside the Margaret Morrison Apartments. Someone even brought nunchakus to the altercation and caused another student serious facial injuries. Boy, for at least one day, Carnegie Mellon’s campus actually did turn into an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) ring.

10 Years Ago
Oct. 4, 1999
A student group of fine arts majors caused a stir when they presented an exhibit showing that Carnegie Mellon architecture resembles monumental architecture of the Third Reich. Ah, people playing the Nazi card and comparing modern things to Hitler: Real life feels like the Internet more and more every day.

5 Years Ago
Oct. 4, 2004
In an article entitled “Executive Privilege,” the editor-in-chief apologizes following the printing of an incomplete page in the previous week’s issue with unfinished captions, dummy headlines, etc. He follows with a long description of The Tartan’s production process that probably prompted the dozen or so people who actually read his article to doze off.

1 Year Ago
Oct. 6, 2008
A review of the novel Breaking Dawn, the final book of the Twilight series, states that the book lacks good role models with characters dissuading others from college, marrying young, and having children at a young age. Darn, I just knew I shouldn’t have been basing my life decisions off a book about attractive vampires and emo chicks.