Leadership Perspectives

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I have a problem. Whenever someone asks me to take on or apply for a position of leadership in an organization, I can’t say no.

And that’s probably how I ended up being the chair of the Student Homecoming Committee. I joined the committee in the summer between my freshman and sophomore years because it sounded interesting. Truthfully, I didn’t know that students were supposed to go to Homecoming events, but I wanted to get more involved on campus, so I figured it would be fun.

The Homecoming events last year went well, and it seemed like we reached our goal of raising more school spirit on campus, but in the back of everyone’s minds we were all still wondering: What are we going to do about next year? The school year went on and we all pushed it to the back of our minds until Heather Andring, who is in charge of overseeing our committee, e-mailed us and asked if anyone would be willing to be committee chair and take charge of student Homecoming. The next thing I knew, I was getting an e-mail from Heather telling me that she had selected me as the 2009 student chair.

So now, after six months of planning, Homecoming is finally here. I truly believe that the committee is accomplishing what it has set out to do. While we couldn’t have the giant white tent on the CFA Lawn again, our events this year are made to embrace Carnegie Mellon and amp up school spirit, recognizing that Homecoming isn’t just for alumni — it’s for students too.

Our days during Spirit Week — Nerd Day, School Spirit Day, and Tartan Pride, just to name a few — and the Kick-Off BBQ are aimed at embracing school spirit. Events such as LMAO and the Halloween Bash are designed to allow students to get a chance to interact with alumni while enjoying student and alumni performances.

Our biggest event, the Highland Games, is bringing back an old Carnegie Mellon (and Scottish!) tradition — you can go check out the old trophy in Alumni House. The Games embrace our school’s Scottish pride while allowing classes to compete with each other in a “Carnegie Mellon” style competition, complete with a Rubix cube competition, kilt race, and Cut pong.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, show up! Even if you think that it doesn’t, show up anyway — you never know what free stuff you might end up winning!

Spirit Week starts Oct. 26 and runs through the 30th. The events begin with the Homecoming BBQ Kick-off at the Fence on Oct. 28, and end on Oct. 31 with the Halloween Bash in Wiegand Gym. Be sure to come and check them out and show your Carnegie Mellon pride.