Did you know?

100 Years Ago
Oct. 13, 1909
In a clear example of how lenient the times were, a columnist notes that Princeton has just this year instituted rules on where and when hazing can be performed. It is no longer allowed in first-year or sophomore dorms or university buildings. But if one wanted to, say, barrel roll a frosh down one’s personal flight of stairs, that would be perfectly acceptable.

50 Years Ago
Oct. 14, 1959
Heavy rains this week left the football field in a soggy condition with both teams struggling to move the ball, though the Plaid eventually prevailed 7–0 to remain undefeated. It’s pretty unbelievable that there were days before turf.

25 Years Ago
Oct. 9, 1984
Robert R. Birge is the new head of the chemistry department and hopes to revitalize it. Hailing from the University of California, Birge apparently had little difficulty adjusting to Pittsburgh life, saying “Pittsburgh is 100 times better than [Los Angeles].... I just wish they’d fix the pot holes.” Don’t we all, sir, don’t we all.

10 Years Ago
Oct. 18, 1999
Attorney General Janet Reno, along with several city leaders, visited Carnegie Mellon the previous week and applauded Pittsburgh’s efforts to reduce gun violence. No word on whether Will Ferrell also made an appearance.

5 Years Ago
Oct. 11, 2004
Carnegie Mellon students attended simulated debates and mock political conventions at Case Western Reserve University the past week. Sadly, the debate soon dissolved into a shouting match about the Steelers-Browns rivalry, which Case students clearly won in a landslide.

1 Year Ago
Oct. 13, 2008
The new Miss Pennsylvania was crowned, and guess what? She hails from Carnegie Mellon! I would make a jab here about the attractiveness of people at Carnegie Mellon, but I fear the backlash may be too much for me.