lecture Previews

Title: Listening to Students: Using Survey Data to Improve the Student Experience

The Basics: This lecture will focus on how Carnegie Mellon utilizes student survey responses to understand students’ experiences.

Speakers will include Janel Sutkus, the director of Institutional Research and Analysis; Indira Nair, vice provost for education; and Karen Boyd, dean of Student Affairs.

Sutkus is responsible for the analysis of both administrative and academic functions throughout Carnegie Mellon’s campus and especially within the colleges.

Her Ph.D. is in education organizational behavior and management from the Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education at the University of Michigan.

In the first part of the lecture, Sutkus will discuss the standards used to analyze the students of Carnegie Mellon, such as self-assessment, time spent on academic versus non-academic activities, opinions of the promotion of the university’s values, and meaningful interaction with others, among several other topics.

When she concludes, Nair and Boyd will explain how these methods are used to create student opportunities, to make campus resources and programs more accessible, and to develop academic and “meta-curricular” programming.

When: Today at 4:30 p.m.

Where: Gregg Hall (Porter Hall 100)

Title: American Politics: A View From Home and Abroad

The Basics: Lilly Abreu is a soprano and jazz vocalist and is on the roster at the Pittsburgh Opera.

She is also an instructor at Carnegie Mellon, the University of Pittsburgh, and Chatham University.

In conjunction with the Brazil Today course offered on the Carnegie Mellon campus, Abreu will present a lecture-demonstration about the music of Brazilian composers such as Jobim, Bonfá, and Pixinguinha.

The audience will learn samba steps and a few words in Portuguese. Audience members will also have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with Lilly and band members Eric Susoeff (guitar), Dwayne Dolphin (bass), and Tom Wendt (drums).

When: Monday, Oct. 19, at 5:30 p.m.

Where: Gregg Hall (Porter Hall 100)

Title: American Politics: A View From Home and Abroad

The Basics: The Giler Humanities Program and the international relations and politics program host lecturer Andrew Michael Sullivan, born Aug. 10, 1963.

He is a British blogger, author, and political commentator. Sullivan is a speaker at universities, colleges, and civic organizations in the United States, and a guest on national news and political commentary television shows in the United States and Europe.

Sullivan is known for his distinctive personal-political identity. He is gay, a Roman Catholic, and a non-U.S. citizen who focuses on American political life. Sullivan is sometimes considered a pioneer in political blog journalism, since he was one of the first prominent political journalists in the United States to start his own personal blog.

Sullivan wrote his blog for a year at Time magazine, shifting on Feb. 1, 2007, to The Atlantic, where it received approximately 40 million page views in the first year. He is the former editor of The New Republic and the author of five books.

When: Monday, Oct. 19, at 7 p.m.

Where: Rashid Auditorium, Gates Center (GHC 4401)