Leadership Perspectives

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All members of Carnegie Mellon’s Student Government are elected for one specific reason — to promote the interests, values, and activities of the Carnegie Mellon student body. Over the past month, Adam and I, as Student Body Vice President and President, respectively, have placed special emphasis on supporting and representing student interests.

Though not encompassing all of our activities, our promotion of the Tartan Rewards Program, the G20 Awareness Fair, and efforts toward transparency have helped to direct the executive branch toward better serving Carnegie Mellon students.

Each initiative has been met with significant success. In the midst of the exciting and confusing time when the G20 was in Pittsburgh, the Student Government Executive Branch spearheaded the massive G20 Awareness Fair, which involved several student organizations, bands, and interest groups while offering a wealth of information to hundreds of students.

For the Tartan Rewards Program, we have worked to help the campus community better realize the benefits that come from supporting one another. In this same vein of supporting fellow students and organizations, we are also beginning to incorporate non-athletic activities into the program, as well as garnering student organization participation and support in hosting games as well as participating in small competitions. The program has proven to be a greatly successful venture as we push for a greater sense of community here at Carnegie Mellon.

Lastly, our transparency efforts such as the Mad Minute are new and innovative ways to offer lots of information about Student Government’s activities and campus happenings in a quick and easy way.

For the future, the Student Government Executive Branch is looking to continue to find innovative ways to improve the student experience at Carnegie Mellon, as well as working toward greater transparency and student government reform, boosting the Tartan Rewards Program, and promoting the expanded Loop Bus, which shuttles students on the weekend to various popular social destinations throughout Pittsburgh.

For more information, please become a fan of the CMU Student Government Executive Branch on Facebook, and we will be sure to keep you informed. There are literally dozens of new events happening on campus each week, and we are working to better your Carnegie Mellon experience through proper representation and hard work.