Statistically Speaking

Despite the crumbling state of the economy, the fashion world slows down for nothing. Earlier this month, New York Fashion Week displayed some of the oldest as well as the newest minds in fashion, which has young adults vying to be the hippest students on campus. Here are some statistics on the present and future of fashion design:

Percentage of men aged 18–24 who increased their spending on clothing since 2001: 2.5

Percentage of fashion design jobs expected to rise through 2016: 11

Percentage of fashion designers who drop out of the business after two years of working professionally: 8

Number of designers who showcased at Fashion Week: 84

Number of hours the average fashion designer works per week: 55

Number of times Christian Siriano said 'fierce' on Season 4 of [ITAL]Project Runway[ITAL]: 27

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