Orientation 2008: Breakin' the mold

Orientation is a week full of activities designed to make first-years feel comfortable on campus and to introduce them to their new classmates. This year’s theme was “Breakin’ the Mold,” and it encouraged students to go a little out of their comfort zones during the fun-filled week. These photos represent just a few of the activities from this year’s Orientation and include Playfair, House Wars, and Convocation.

Clockwise from right: These bagpipers showed their Tartan pride at Convocation. A group of OCs lets loose during one of their few free moments during the week. A first-year student from Stever House competes in a potato sack race at House Wars. Mudge OC Scotty Wright-Ah Sam, a senior in psychology, dressed up for House Wars. An OC and a group of first-years from Donner House meet to get ready to compete in House Wars. First-year students gather for the biggest icebreaker of the year, Playfair, at Gesling Stadium Monday night.