Did You Know?

100 years ago
September 23, 1908

Director Hamerschlag gives his opening address to incoming students. The speech is filled with expectations for “clean living, clean morals, having a high standard of scholarship.” He also warns that professors “demand interest” and that students who fail “cannot expect to remain here.” After the speech, students are lectured on the Clippership Cruise, followed by a series of lectures at LectureFair.

50 years ago
September 23, 1958

Carnegie Tech stuns the campus community, announcing a $200 increase in tuition. Now, students will be expected to pay $1000 for their time at Tech. President Warner insisted that the extra money will not only be used for operating costs, stating that a portion will go toward “brilliant but needy” students. Looks like the not so brilliant students will have to cut back on TV dinners and drive-in movies to pay for their tuition.

25 years ago
September 12, 1984

The Carnegie Mellon Robotics Club forms. Some students express concern, as they feel that that club should merge with the Computer Club. Others, such as club adviser Red Whittaker and T-9264 Version 3.0, felt the club was “valuable” and “mandatory, under penalty of human extermination,” respectively.

10 years ago
August 30, 1998

The dawn of the school year can only mean one thing for incoming students: Jell-O wrestling. Delta Upsilon, as one of their rush events, hosted a Jell-O wrestling party to kick the year off right. If 1998 were a summer Olympic year, I’m sure we could have expected Jell-O synchronized diving and Jell-O rowing as well.

5 years ago
August 23, 2003

A news article claims that the University Bookstore actually has lower prices than many online retailers. A student interviewed for the article said that as long as you buy used books, buying from the university store pays off. For those students who want new books, online retailers are usually cheaper — as long as they don’t charge for shipping.

1 year ago
August 27, 2007

Carnegie Mellon gets a face lift with the construction of Entropy+, offering something for everyone. The updated convenience store boasts features such as an organic food area, and several new vegetarian options. Those in the carnivore movement can find Slim Jims and beef jerky. Even the anti-healthists seeking a less rewarding eating experience will be delighted by the doughnut section and extensive candy bar selection.