Intramural softball season underway

This past week marked the beginning of the big intramural season for softball. Easily one of the favorite intramural sports at Carnegie Mellon, the popularity of softball can be attributed to the nice weather and the relaxed level of play. In addition, the Co-Recreational (Co-Rec) league allows men and women to compete with one another for a change. Even though teams are still competing for the highly coveted IM championship shirts, people tend to have more fun merely playing softball, regardless of the prize. IM softball marks the beginning of Pittsburgh spring and the end of the semester.

Although the Women’s league has not had their first game yet, it is not too early to predict a solid season for Team Friggin’ Awesome. The talent of Team Friggin' Awesome cannot be overlooked; with its physical presence and skill, the team will surely challenge its opponents in the league.

In the Minors league, both Drama Queens and Theta Xi look like the early favorites. The only team to defeat the Drama Queens last year, Ace and All Stars, has moved up to the Majors. Therefore, this year the Drama Queens should be able to make their way back into the playoffs without much difficulty. However, the other standout Minors league team, Theta Xi, poses a threat. With a roster that includes several Carnegie Mellon club baseball players, Theta Xi has the talent and athleticism to face off against the best teams. The team is quick and its players know how to place the ball strategically; these characteristics will give them an advantage against less experienced competitors.

Numerous Beta teams dominate the Majors league, and it is not a stretch to predict that one of them will likely come out on top. Since only a few games have been played so far, it is hard to determine who will stand out as one of the top teams at the end of the season; there is no dominating presence as all have exhibited the necessary skill level to successfully compete at the Majors level.

Get My Lid, a softball team made up of current and former men’s basketball players has displayed dominance in the first few games. Offensively, this team is one of the Major league’s best teams. The most unpredictable and entertaining league in softball is the Co-Rec league. In Co-Rec softball, male team members are forced to bat with their non-dominate hands. This is essentially supposed to even out the level of play, providing opportunities for success to those teams who make the fewest mistakes. Like the other leagues, the Co-Rec games are always entertaining for spectators.

Co-Rec kickball rosters are due into the department by 4:30 p.m. this Thursday. Teams will need at least four men and four women to participate in the kickball season. The games will be played in a one-day single elimination tournament. This is a good opportunity to relive your elementary school playground days, so grab a group of friends and sign up.