Intramural season ends this week

As the school year winds down, the intramural sports season comes to a close. Softball and indoor soccer playoffs are underway with swimming, track, Frisbee, and golf right around the corner. The large number of activities offered this season makes the biggest IM participants focus their attention on the championships.

In softball, all four divisions will be starting their playoff weeks. The Minors division will be filled with unexpected results. The dominance of the Drama Queens and Theta Xi should prove enough to carry them over into the finals, but upsets by either MRU or Beta cannot be overlooked. Led by the offensive production of sophomore Nick Cutro and the defensive skill of junior Charlie Murphy, the Drama Queens have both the talent and skill to make a repeat appearance in the championship game. The other end of the bracket contains a dominant Theta Xi squad led by junior Brett Rehfeld. Of the various leagues, the competition for the Minors championship will prove to be the most difficult.

The Co-Rec softball league is known for being laid-back until the playoffs. This season, MRU End of an Era and Hoopers are expected to make the trip to the finals. Both of these teams have previously demonstrated an ability to focus when it is needed. Expect a high-scoring final with the offense determining the champion.

The Women’s division will likely match Canned Heat, the club softball team, against Team Friggin’ Awesome. This season, these two teams have managed to dominate the league in overall offensive production.

In the Majors division, we can expect to see championship action in both of the first-round matchups. The Non-Beta Ballers (NBB) have a bye, which automatically advances them to a semifinal game. However, playing the winner of Monte & Company vs. Beta Flashy Robs will not be an easy game for NBB. As it is, this first game should prove a challenge as the other semifinal game is between the two undefeated teams, Get My Lid and PiKA A.

The outcome of the softball playoffs will be integral in determining which organization will finish the year with the most points. Fortunately for students stressed out by finals, there are a few more opportunities to take a break from studying and make intramural history. From now until Sunday, students are eligible to participate in the IM golf tournament at Schenley Park Golf Course. In order to compete, students must submit their scorecards to the IM Office in Room 101 of Skibo Gym by May 4. Greens fees are $15 and club rentals are $10 with a valid Carnegie Mellon ID.

Everyone is welcome to participate in today’s IM track meet at Gesling Stadium at 7 p.m. Tomorrow, students are encouraged to participate in the IM swim meet at 4:30 p.m. in the UC pool. Participants are welcome to sign up at both events, which are good opportunities for students to take a break from the last week of classes and take part in an IM event.