Finishing off her junior year, Sami Simmons was named University Athletic Association (UAA) Athlete of the Week and has set two school records in the triple jump and long jump this season.
Her hard work continued over Carnival weekend at the UAA championships, where the women’s track and field team finished sixth. Simmons shared her outlook on next season and her final year at Carnegie Mellon with The Tartan.

Tartan: What is the most rewarding aspect of track for you?
Simmons: The most rewarding aspect of track for me is winning an event or achieving my personal best time or distance. Track has many ups and downs — you can be on one day and off the next, and after having trained every day for months it feels great when all my hard work falls into place and I have a good performance.

T: Do you think that running will always have a role in your life?
S: I love competition and I run to train and compete. I’ve never been the type to just run religiously, so I don’t know exactly how much running itself will play a role in my life, but sports and athletics definitely will, which running is a part of.

T: Do you ever experience the “runner’s high”?
S: Not really a runner’s high, but working out is definitely addictive, so by 4:30 every day, my body is ready to get outside and run.

T: If you could swap events with someone, who would it be and why?
S: If I could swap events with someone, it would probably be a hurdler just because I’ve never done hurdles before and it’s an event that I’ve always shied away from after seeing people fall and hit their legs so many times. And I’ve always admired hurdlers and how they have to focus on maintaining perfect form in order to make it over the hurdle, as well as run and focus on running [as] fast as they can to get to the finish line.

T: Do you plan on watching the Olympics? Which sports are you most excited about watching this summer?
S: Yes, I am definitely going to watch the Olympics this summer! My favorite summer sports to watch are beach volleyball (I loved watching Misty May and Kerri Walsh in the last Olympics), swimming and diving, gymnastics, and of course track and field (especially the sprints). I love watching incredible athletes excel over their competition.

T: What would be the premise of a reality television show about you?
S: Probably just a show about college life, how I get through the week with schoolwork and track and still have time for friends.

T: Is there a specific class that you have really enjoyed so far in your academic career? What classes are you looking forward to taking as a senior?
S: Yes, I had taken Producing for Television and Film last spring, and the class really helped me to figure out what I wanted to do as a career and helped me to figure out how to chose and combine my courses of study at CMU so I’ll have the necessary background to become a writer/producer. Next year I look forward to taking more advanced screenwriting courses as well as photography classes.

T: Are there any plans yet for after graduation next year?
S: I’m still pretty undecided, but I’m leaning towards law school, possibly entertainment law, with hopes of becoming a writer for television and film. But wherever I end up, I would definitely like to coach women’s high school sports, either track, basketball, tennis, or soccer.