Campus chic

“Clashing” can sometimes turn out unusually well; art pieces have long pushed the boundaries of traditions and avant-garde. Many artists, from surreal artist Salvador Dalí to modern-day artists like Julian Beever (known for his 3-D sidewalk art), have transcended expectations and given rise to some of the most moving, dramatic pieces we know of today.

Fashion is simply another form of art — it is more transient, more relatable, and more translatable, but no less able to evoke emotion and serve as great forms of inspiration. Haute couture fashion designers, perhaps some of the most influential artists of today, are constantly driven to think of new, innovative ideas to serve as foundations to what men and women will be wearing. However, true style and elegance aren’t completely dictated by runway shows — it is all about how a person reinterprets what such artists are trying to say, and doing so according to his or her own standards.

Julia Geisler, a junior music major, exemplifies simple, artistic style and draws inspiration from many different aspects of art, the environment, and her personality. She wears a paisley-inspired dress in a flattering halter shape, a cut that fits and looks great on almost any body type. While the floor-length shape suggests a more formal piece, the print itself is muted down to make it casual enough for day. To contrast the dress’s femininity, Geisler wears a striking pair of the season’s most sought-after piece of footwear — the gladiator sandal. Her T-strap versions are ultra-chic and comfortable, but what sets them apart are the metal studs along the straps. Because of how counterpoised the details are, the sandals become extremely versatile and wearable for just about any summery outfit. Small details, like Geisler’s anchor necklace, really have the ability to personalize an outfit and revitalize a laid-back piece.

Sophomore architecture major Rex Garrell also knows a thing or two about revealing his fun, spunky personality through his clothing. A self-proclaimed fan of J.Crew, Garrell dresses simply for classes, with a pink T-shirt and khaki shorts. His striped black and white vest further shows off his preppy style, but his shoes — perfectly worn-in Sperry top-sider shoes — take his outfit one step above. In addition to carrying a leather messenger bag, Garrell makes his style more youthful and playful by sporting a Le SportSac fanny pack. It’s quirky and unexpected, but Garrell’s overall look is confident and exudes a great personality.

Regardless of how you dress for the last week of classes, or over the summer, always remember to let yourself show through your style. Whether it’s Indian-inspired bohemian like Geisler’s, or refreshingly one-of-a-kind preppy like Garrell’s, the look is always more when it makes a statement. Don’t be scared to deviate a bit from trends if it means being able to look, and feel, great.