Did you know?

100 years ago
April 29, 1908

Ads aimed at Carnegie Tech students are “good.” One ad states that “all good students are photographed” by O.G. Henry Photography. The pure food stores of Geo. K. Stevenson offer “good things to eat”, and The Cottage Restaurant invites us for “a good hungry man’s meal.” Eventually, a business is going to advertise as “great” and make millions.

50 years ago
April 29, 1958

In response to increasing suspicions about the Commies, Carnegie Tech offers a series of Russian courses to teach students about the language of the enemy. For next semester, only classes in Russian I will be offered, as anyone who knows more Russian will immediately be sent in for questioning about their affiliations with the Communist party.

25 years ago
April 26, 1983

For the third time this month, campus police have arrested a person found in a Carnegie Mellon building under suspicious conditions. In this instance, the suspect, arrested in Margaret Morrison, had been arrested the year before for theft. While this man may be a repeat offender, at least he’s not a quitter.

10 years ago
April 27, 1998

Professors watch their backs as Amnesty International begins a series of kidnappings across the university. Of course, the kidnappings are staged, and the event is done to raise awareness of prisoners of consciousness. Sadly, I can guarantee that none of the kidnappings were done during an exam. Lame.

5 years ago
April 28, 2003

Dining Services unveils a new plan to offer 18 new meal plans for the 2003–2004 school year. Now students can choose from 18 different ways to get their three daily serving of “this tastes awful.”

1 year ago
April 29, 2007

Computers win the 2007 Student Senate elections. In an astounding upset, the computers destroy their human competition in a tally of 15 billion trillion to zero. While some complain that these numbers were the results of the election website freezing on students, the computers disagree. Thankfully, this year computers decided not to run, with almost all votes cast for humans, with the exception of Optimus Prime.