Presidential Perspectives

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Hey Tartans,

This week, Adi and I transitioned out of our roles and helped the new generation of student government leadership to get adjusted. The Graduate Student Assembly is staying intact, as its board elections take place at the beginning of every calendar year, and the process for becoming a representative is defined by individual departments rather than by the general institution. We saw the undergraduate Student Senate close its 2007–2008 session and open the 2008–2009 round by putting in place its new Executive Committee, chaired by current sophomore H&SS student Rotimi Abimbola. I am happy to report that, because of the smooth elections process this year, your new student body executives have begun preparations and the slew of meetings that will define their lives for the next year! They engage in this noble service to improve this campus for all of us, so please remember to help them with the advice and support you have provided to Adi and myself this year.

Because there really aren’t many agenda items to share this week, Adi and I wanted to call to your attention to Pangea Day. A recent trend in the world seems to be that of division. Everywhere you look, from the cultural wars in the Middle East to the political battles that divide our own country, factions are fighting, either with words or, unfortunately, with weapons, to assert their own ideas as superior to others’. In doing this, such groups are often blind to the fact that we are all people with a fairly common set of innate desires and that, maybe, the superficial differences in how we achieve those wants aren’t worth the pain and suffering we’re seeing today. Pangea Day calls on everyone to celebrate this notion of human unity. On Saturday, May 10 from 2 to 6 p.m., Carnegie Mellon will assist in “tapping the power of film to strengthen tolerance and compassion while uniting millions of people to build a better future” ( by showing movies in McConomy Auditorium. Hopefully, you will still be on campus to come and celebrate with us!

Finally, my last thank you of the year goes to The Tartan staff for bearing with me through thick and thin. Special thanks go to Jessica Thurston who has edited my writing all year long and has consistently reminded me to get this article in on time, which I pretty consistently failed to do! Someone once told me, though, that consistency was one of the most important things in life, so I suppose that all works out. Anyways, Jess, thanks!