Men’s track and field wins UAA championship

While Carnegie Mellon students celebrated Spring Carnival this weekend, the men’s and women’s track and field teams were busy competing in the University Athletic Association (UAA) championships at the University of Chicago.

The men’s team placed in almost every event, winning the championship among seven teams with 198.50 points.

The women’s team followed with a solid performance, finishing sixth out of seven teams with 37.50 points. The University of Chicago took first with 91 points overall.
Senior Eric Tang led the team in the 100-meter dash with a time of 11.05. Junior Craig Hahn (15.97) took fifth in the 110-meter hurdles while first-year Essien Ohues (22.85) placed seventh in the 200-meter dash.

Hahn (56.35) also finished fifth in the 400-meter hurdles behind third-place sophomore Chris Bogie (55.29).

The men’s team dominated the 800-meter dash, with senior Scott Fortune (1:59.12) and junior Brian Harvey (1:59.33) battling out for first and second places, respectively. Behind them, first-year Nate Bussiere placed sixth with a time of 2:01.81.

Harvey was also impressive in the 1500-meter and 5000-meter runs, coming in first (3:57.62) and fourth (15:03.72), respectively. Junior Ryan Anderson (4:01.15) and senior Drew Miller (4:02.92) took fourth and seventh, respectively in the 1500-meter run.

First-year J.P. Allera (15:05.31) and sophomore Dario Donatelli (15:05.47) finished sixth and seventh, respectively in the 5000-meter run.

In the 3000-meter steeplechase, Anderson placed third with a time of 9:34.86. Donatelli (32:16:84) and Allera (32:19.54) dominated the 10,000-meter run with second- and third-place finishes, respectively.

In the jumps, several Tartans placed in the top eight. Ohues (1.99 meters) and first-year Brad Holden (1.89 meters) took second and fourth, respectively, in the high jump, and first-year Pat O’Brien finished eighth with 1.84 meters.

In the triple jump, Tang led the team, finishing third with 13.68 meters. O’Brien and Ohues finished fifth and sixth, respectively with 12.87 meters and 12.75 meters. Tang also took third in the long jump with 6.67 meters. Sophomore Chris Bridgman jumped for 4.40 meters in the pole vault to finish second.

Senior Mike Reggie (48.63 meters) led the team in the hammer throw with a first-place finish.

Sophomore James Hulley won the shot put with 14.77 meters while Reggie finished seventh with 12.87 meters.

Junior Chris Fornataro took fifth and eighth, respectively, in the hammer throw (42.14 meters) and shot put (12.54 meters). In the discus throw, Hulley beat the competition, placing first with 45.50 meters.

Fornataro and Reggie finished fourth and eighth, respectively, with 40.88 meters and 36.71 meters. Senior Chris Uhrinek held on strong in the javelin throw to finish fifth, with 47.20 meters.

The men’s team also saw good performances in the relay events. The 4x800-meter team crushed its opponents with a time of 9:39.86.

The 4x100-meter and 4x400-meter relay teams took fourth and third, respectively with times of 43.04 and 3:25.90.

For the women, sophomore Diane Mattingly (58.33) finished her regular season with a strong race, taking first in the 400-meter dash.

First-year Courtney Baker followed with a time of 1:04.17. In the 400-meter hurdles, sophomore Crystal LeePow placed fifth with a time of 1:09.55.

Senior Ashley Baklemun finished sixth in the 800-meter dash with a time of 2:26.05.

Junior Sami Simmons and sophomore Jessica Williams both took eighth place, in the long jump with 4.84 meters and the high jump 1.36 meters, respectively.

The reliable 4x400-meter relay team placed second with a time of 4:04.01, while the 4x100-meter team finished fifth with a time of 51.84.

The Carnegie Mellon track and field teams will have the week to rest from this long weekend before hosting the second tri-meet this Saturday at Gesling Stadium.