Elections — over on the first try

While the passing of another cycle of student government elections rarely merits an article on the process itself, we want to congratulate student government, and specifically the Elections Board, for making this year’s elections a process worth being involved in.

With advertising materials stocked with puzzle pieces and plaid, technology-enabled student debates, and a new voting system that has alleviated the issues of last spring (and fall), we have seen a greatly reformed elections operation in 2008. The student body has noticed as well, resulting in nearly 1800 votes and an election that was ratified by undergraduate Student Senate and the Graduate Student Assembly the first time around.

After last year’s extended period of system failures, eligibility issues, and general indecision, this year’s election process’s simplicity has become notable.

As the timely election will allow for more work to get done under their terms in office, we also congratulate the Elections Board for executing the elections without issues. So with an election done right we congratulate Jared and Pooja, as well as Evan, and wish them all enjoyable and productive terms as they take office this year not in autumn, but in April.