Letter to the editor

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Last week’s Tartan board editorial “Materialism should not triumph over talent” unfairly criticized this year’s Lunar Gala and offered a skewed assessment of the production.

The article first claims that Lunar Gala portrayed women as sexually submissive in one of the fashion show’s many dance sequences. Whether that is in poor taste is a matter of interpretation; what the article did not mention is that in many other sections, men took on the submissive role. In Min-jee Hwang and Miriam Lee’s conJUNKtion, for instance, the final couple to tread the runway was a woman fiercely clad in black, lording over her heartsick suitor.

In fact, the front page of the Feb. 18 issue of The Tartan featured a full-color photo of a coquette leaning powerfully over a compliant man on his knees. Obviously, dominance and submission were cyclical in the show — which is appropriate, considering this year’s theme of “Karma.”

Next, the article faulted the show for being too “banally sexy” and “not representing the female population of this university, the majority of whom are intelligent, working, multi-dimensional people….” This statement hinges on the idea that sexiness and braininess are mutually exclusive, and on behalf of all the models who participated in this year’s show, I take extreme offense at that implication. Most models spent off-time during rehearsals with their noses buried in books or TI-89s.

And lastly, if The Tartan is so scandalized by a little prurience, why does the search term “Lunar Gala” on return photo after photo of female students in bikinis and lingerie, and male students posing bare-chested and baby-oiled?

In the future, I hope The Tartan’s editorial board will strive for consistency and thoughtful analysis over prudishness and myopia.

Marshall Roy
Lunar Gala 2008 participant
H&SS ’08