Campus chic

A flip through Harper’s Bazaar and a few clicks on popular fashion websites like www.instyle.com can give great insight into what’s “in” right now and what is soon going to be trendy. Furthermore, mid-range contemporary stores, like Urban Outfitters and H&M, give great ideas for taking bold trends down a notch, in addition to making clothes wearable for a majority of people. However, the most important fact is that not all trends will work for every individual; rather, trendy pieces should be chosen to fit the wearer.

The best way to build up a wardrobe is to start with basics; be willing to invest in timeless, sleek pieces that are easily mixed and matched. A perfect white blouse, for example, can be paired with a great pair of jeans or dressed up and worn under a suit. The biggest thing to keep in mind is to always make sure the pieces fit right, both in the closet and for the personality.

Next, to incorporate trendy apparel into a wardrobe, it is imperative to start small — moderately priced accessories can easily spruce up an outfit without being too drastic or expensive. Since trends come and go very rapidly, they should be carefully chosen, with quality held above all else. Of course, there is no reason to take part in every new trend. It is much more important to dress to flatter and feel confident.

Two great examples of “dressing for oneself” are art sophomore Seung-Yeon Kook and business administration senior Ricardo Vilaro. They emulate cool, effortless style by incorporating trends in unique ways. Using pieces that work for them, Kook and Vilaro create cozy, laid-back styles that reflect their personalities.

“I dress for comfort,” Kook said in description of her style.

To start, she wears a grey utility jacket that is also the same color as her sweatshirt underneath. However, because the two pieces have different textures and subtle differences in shade, the combination works. Under her sweatshirt is a white tunic that is paired with black leggings. The most visually appealing part of her outfit are her Converse shoes — and how she wears them. Giving her look a kick of color, Kook flips down her hi-tops to reveal a bright green interior that is unexpected and street-chic.

Vilaro’s outfit is similar to Kook’s, sporting a fitted sweatshirt under a vintage Levi’s denim jacket that makes for a great, uncluttered combination. To keep from looking too dressed-down, he wears a crisp button-down shirt with inconspicuous beige stripes. Vilaro also wears a great, classic pair of dark Diesel jeans, which are cut slim and are very figure-flattering. His style is influenced by the 1960s mod culture, and it is further shaped by his favorite designers: Diesel, Ben Sherman, and Fred Perry — designers known for their innovative approach to redefining classic menswear.

Even though trends change constantly, it is not necessary to change wardrobes because of it; it is much more valuable to take the time to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Invest in simple but sustainable pieces, and take time and be cautious with trendier items. Kook’s and Vilaro’s styles are easygoing and modern, reflecting their personalities and attention to detail.