Presidential Perspectives

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Hey Tartans,

Welcome back to sunny Pittsburgh! I hope all of your spring break experiences turned out well, and that you brought back some rays of sunshine with you along with some stories that will last you a lifetime.

Adi and I got right down to business last week, finishing up the final details in bringing back the Campus Rec Program. Last year, the program enabled students to enjoy free, 1950s-style bicycles and other miscellaneous athletic equipment. Most of the gear that was available ended up finding its way into a rather decrepit state — that is, if it wasn’t outright stolen from the unguarded areas in which it was housed. For this year’s iteration of the program, we reached out to Student Dormitory Council (SDC), which will now act as a responsible guardian for the equipment. This joint venture should alleviate the deterioration experienced in the past, and we are definitely excited to see the results. Under the program, students will be able to use footballs, soccer balls, and frisbees by checking them out at different residence halls across campus. Special thanks to SDC President Byron Chou and Vice President Mike Albrecht for helping make this vision a reality.

We’ve also taken the initiative to get involved in our country’s great political process by inviting all the major party candidates still standing to rally on our campus. Some inroads have already been made via personal connections, and we ask that if anyone out there has ties with (in alphabetical order) Hillary Clinton, John McCain, or Barack Obama to let us know so we can help in bringing them to our school. This isn’t to say that we’re opposed to any minor party candidates speaking on campus, and if you have connections with Ralph Nader or Michael Bloomberg, let us know too — we’ll be glad to assist in getting them to Carnegie Mellon.

Finally, Adi and I would like to spread the word on the upcoming student body president, vice president, vice president for finance, and undergraduate Student Senate elections. Petitions to run can be found at the UC Information Desk and are due tomorrow also at the Information Desk. Executive candidates should have 100 activities-fee-paying students’ signatures to run, while Senate candidates need 25 signatures from students in their respective colleges. Good luck to all of you who decide to run! It’s definitely an adventure.

As always, if you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please e-mail me at