Did you know?

100 years ago February 12, 1908

Senator Dolliver of Iowa, Senator Carter of Montana, and several state representatives and Circuit Court judges come together to speak at Carnegie Tech. A particular talk from Senator Dolliver focuses on “The Influence of the Engineer in Civil Life.” Apparently, Dolliver had some training in civil engineering.

50 years ago February 11, 1958

Hirem Chakrabarti attempts to apply some of his math knowledge to life. In his poem, “The Geometry of Life,” Chakrabarti gives us the axioms of what drives the human spirit. Such lines include “Point is like love, which exists but has no dimension,” and, “Life is a triangle bounded by the boss, wife, and income tax.”

25 years ago February 15, 1983

The nuclear science graduate program at Carnegie Mellon fizzles out. Attempts by the administration to split the discipline into smaller parts to get some energy failed, and the program wound up experiencing a half-life of what it originally expected. I guess everything has to decay sometime. All right, that’s enough.

10 years ago February 9, 1998

The Clinton scandal hits home. Sophomore Mike Lewinsky, brother of America’s favorite Jezebel, Monica Lewinsky, heads in for questioning by the FBI. Along with FBI agents, the Associated Press sent a reporter to Phi Kappa Theta, Lewinsky’s fraternity, to question brothers. I guess the reporter figured that by association, members of the fraternity were also brothers to Monica.

5 years ago February 10, 2003

Carnegie Mellon considers creating a college complex in Qatar. Administrators figured that, if approved, the Qatar campus could offer programs in computer science and business. The arrangement has many potential pluses, including putting Carnegie Mellon’s name in the Middle East. As for Qatar, the country would benefit by thousands of students in Pittsburgh learning to correctly pronounce “Qatar.”

1 year ago February 12, 2007

Tartan athletics highlights the career of swimmer Dave Kzreminski. Holding the individual titles of the 100- and 200-yard butterfly events, Krzeminski also carries the title of men’s swimmer of the year. Not mentioned in the article is the “most likely to have his name butchered by telemarketers” award.