Did you know?

100 years ago
Nov. 4, 1908

The Tartan’s weekly “Pertinent and Impertinent” article tends to favor the latter. First, we hear reports that Machinery Hall is a pleasant nesting place for birds. Also, a student is noted as not knowing the difference between “a pan of melted iron and a pan of pound cake.” Come on, Tartan of 1908, don’t you have influenza or something important to talk about?

50 years ago
Nov. 5, 1908

Alpha Tau Omega is on social probation for hosting a hayride. The Council of Fraternity Presidents’ Court of Justice found them accountable for bringing more than a third of their brothers to an event. In its defense, the fraternity stated that the gathering of the brothers was spontaneous. Also, brothers claimed “It’s only a hayride, for crying out loud” and “Are you serious?” as other arguments for their case.

25 years ago
Nov. 6, 1983

The gauntlet is thrown down. A half-page ad is taken out by the Junior Class Club, challenging the senior class to a game of capture the flag. Along with the time and date of the event, the juniors state, “Rumor has it that the seniors are wimps and won’t show.” Well, they’re right about seniors not showing, but it’s more likely a result of senior apathy than cowardliness.

10 years ago
Nov. 2, 1998

On-Line Registration (OLR) implemented a feature to assign students random times that they can register to take classes. In previous years, students flooded the system at 6 a.m. causing lagging. While editorials support the decision to reform the system, they also note that this may not be the best way to solve the problem. Also, 6 a.m. should be reserved for watching Saved by the Bell reruns.

5 years ago
Nov. 3, 2003

Pretense finds its home at Craig Street. Starbucks opens a new branch across from Kiva Han. Patrons of Kiva Han defend their cafe, saying that the coffee is “terrible, but the atmosphere is nice and the sandwiches are good.” The article failed to talk with anyone who supported Starbucks, as they were all busy on their laptops and listening to smooth jazz.

1 year ago
Nov. 5, 2007

The Fence is whitewashed due to a message that some interpreted as anti-Hispanic. Few were upset that the message was taken down, but many felt that it should have been done by students, not by administration. Students Against White Picket Fences expressed their shock at the school’s incendiary message toward their society.