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“What looks chic on you?” is the headline of one of the newest and hottest fashion websites: Chictopia.com. This website features style, fashion, makeup, and the latest trends discussed by the newest to enter the fashion scene. It helps users stay au courant with the world of fashion.

Since its launch on April 25, Chictopia.com has risen to the top 1 percent of websites because of its 135,000-plus page views per day and over 13,000 registered users. The online style guide has expanded to many different viewers and users, and a vast amount of fashion and style fusers.

The up-and-coming website was recently featured in Teen Vogue magazine, as well as in Nylon as one of the publication’s top four fashion websites, and it is continuing to gain more publicity. The website has gained some of its popularity for offering something different from what the other websites offer.

“At Chictopia.com, we celebrate the contrary. We celebrate personal style. We celebrate the exposed image and new fashion progression,” said Helen Zhu, co-founder and CEO of the site. “When you browse the website, you get a customized and relevant experience. Other websites and print magazines show you people who don’t look like you.”

The website is appealing to the young adult audience because there are many young people who contribute pictures, but the scope is unlimited. The audience is really anyone “who is interested in dressing better,” Zhu said.

Anyone can look at the website because there are many different aspects of the website that may appeal to different audiences. There are a variety of styles, colors, and combinations that offer a compelling story and each user has his or her own interpretation.

Zhu has always had an interest in being well-dressed, as well as being an avid shopper. Websites like YouTube have made many filmmakers famous, and sites like MySpace.com have brought about some very popular music artists, so Zhu decided to create a website that was for real people who wanted to display their talents in another form of art: fashion.

The pages aren’t cluttered with too much design or flashy colors, so the website is easy to browse. It also has a self-explanatory layout, which makes it extremely easy for users to find exactly what they are looking for. In the style gallery, a user has the option to choose from People, Lookbook, Chic Haves, Inspiration, Back-to-Basics, and People Like Me.

In the People tab, users upload photos of themselves during what they believe to be their chicest moments. The featured pictures on Chictopia are not of runway models but of people who upload their photos, promoting the website’s aspect of individuality. In these photos, other users can comment and post opinions on other users’ styles. There are styles for men and women alike. There are styles for different seasons, occasions, and just because. Users of all different sizes, shapes, and colors exemplify the diverse ranges of fashionistas Chictopia.com has to offer.

Lookbook gives you a look at the styles of runway and print models, as well as celebrities with a noteworthy fashion sense. These are looks that Chictopians feel meet the criteria to be considered chic and that give you a view to what’s happening in fashion in New York, London, the ever-so-popular San Francisco, and many other places.

Chic Haves displays clothes, shoes, and accessories that users feel are important to add to one’s wardrobe. Inspiration is a compelling aspect of the website. Users can add anything that has inspired them to create new and innovative looks that can rival those of the fashion world: drawings, clothing, photographs, paintings, snapshots, words, and scenery. Back-to-Basics goes back to the cotton basics of clothing and displays simple and trendy styles of wearing them. Just as it sounds, People Like Me allows users to find others with similar body types, ages, genders, and tastes, and then to compare their styles and ideas and see what works best with their very unique style. This is one of the many attention-grabbing facets of the website.

There are blogs, reviews, forums, and polls which can help guide shopping decisions if one is looking for some trustworthy input. Should a user choose to read about what others think about a particular item of clothing, the reviews tab offers opinions on clothing that have brands including American Apparel, H&M, J Brand, and Ray-Ban, and clothes types including T-shirts, sneakers, sunglasses, jackets, hats, and more. The forums offer a wide variety of topics to choose from, which include makeup, living and advice, shopping, and –– if one should choose it –– an introduction to other users of Chictopia.com. A curious user also has the option of polling fellow Chictopians for opinions on any particular topic.

Users can find what they want and share opinions on what they think is fashionable as well as suggest and view suggested places to shop. Clicking on the shop tab offers tons of places offering numerous discounts for a limited time. Also, there are some stores listed with the address available so that, if in the area, a user can visit. The designers page offers users the option to advertise themselves and any other designers; contact information is also included so that anyone interested in users’ fashion sense or aptitude for design can contact them and see more of the delineations and pieces that compose their websites and/or portfolios. Top-name designers as well as newcomers can all be found on this site.

Along with using Code Ugly, you can find out why “Everybody is Ugly” in the made-by-students fashion blog that caters to students, published by Chictopia.com. Since the posters are real people with similar interests, it is easy to gauge where they are coming from and decide whether the decisions they make about fashion and style can be helpful or detrimental to your own personal garb. Everybody Is Ugly is broken down into user-friendly groups for people with something more in common, such as CoEdUgly for college students, teenUgly for the younger audience, shopUgly for the more normal shoppers, and britUgly for Europeans. Users can also stay in the general category and just agree that Everybody Is Ugly.

Chictopia.com defines the avant-garde of fashion and style advocates, as well as those who aren’t so style-conscious. It gives plain clothes wearers the option to display their own styles and offer their sentiments about others. In addition to contributions on the website, many users have become a part of the Facebook group that offers updates from the website. Facebook, a social networking website, allows for uploads to be made to the notes or albums sections of the group. The group also lists some favorite pages which includes that name of some big-name fashion magazines.

There has already been an online connection between websites, and in print magazines that demonstrates the fame of the website. So, if traipsing down Fashion Avenue is too much to do, visit Chictopia.com, sign up, and figure out “what looks chic on you.”