SAAC hosts first annual Tartan Olympics in 2009

The first annual Tartan Olympics, hosted by the Carnegie Mellon Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) the weekend of Jan. 23–25, calls for various student organizations to participate in this multi-contest event to celebrate school spirit through competition. Each organization will choose 10–12 representatives to compete in the Tartan Olympics in an attempt to draw the student body closer together and promote Tartan pride as SAAC hopes to facilitate open communication between student groups and the athletic community.

The Olympics consists of five core events, and each team will determine which five it will compete: juggling, Rubik’s cube relay, singing and karaoke, Dance Dance Revolution, kickball, ice skating and sled riding, wall-ball, spelling bee, tug-of-war, eating competition, volleyball, pool and splash competition. The winners will receive a $500 cash prize!

SAAC seeks interested Carnegie Mellon students, faculty, and staff to participate in the Tartan Olympics. The more Olympians, the bigger the Tartan Olympics! To enter a team, please e-mail the name of your organization, the list of the five chosen events, and contact information for the team representative to