Full name: Stacie Aleski
Age: 20
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa.
Major/College: Decision Science and Policy and Management/H&SS

Carnegie Mellon women’s basketball team hosted two University Athletic Association (UAA) teams this weekend: the Brandeis Judges on Friday, Jan. 18 and the New York University Violets on Sunday, Jan. 20. The Tartans fell to the Judges 56–74 and to the Violets 38–50. The Tartans even out their record to 7–7 overall and 0–3 in the UAA.

Last week, The Tartan chatted with Stacie Aleski, a junior guard. Aleski recorded 13 points and three assists against Brandeis with 11 points and one assist against New York. Aleski has started all 14 games so far and leads the team with 192 total points.

The Tartan: Did you get to enjoy the sun in Cancun for the Caribbean Hoops Showdown? What was the competition like?
Aleski: Cancun was amazing and we did get to enjoy the sun and everything else the all-inclusive Moon Palace Resort had to offer. The competition was good: University of LaVerne was from California and Concordia University was from Austin, Texas.

T: Are you in any clubs at CMU?
A: I am on SAAC [Student Athletic Advisory Committee]. Basketball does take up a lot of my time but I would never give it up. The one thing that I would love to do is travel abroad for a semester, but because basketball is over both semesters I am unable to.

T: Did basketball factor into your decision of coming to Carnegie Mellon? What do you like about Pittsburgh?
A: Yes, I wanted to play basketball in college and receive a good education so CMU was a perfect fit. I am from Pittsburgh, so I like that I am close to home and that my family can come watch me play. I love going to any sporting event in Pittsburgh because it is always entertaining and the Pittsburgh fans are great!

T: What made you decide to double major in public policy and decision science? What do you plan on doing after you graduate?
A: I chose decision science because I enjoy psychology, and decision science allowed me to take several interesting psychology classes. After I graduate I would like to move out of Pittsburgh, somewhere where it is warm all the time, and maybe work for the government.

T: What do you think can be done in order to improve the athletic experience at Carnegie Mellon?
A: A new basketball facility.

T: How do you cultivate school spirit here?
A: As part of SAAC, we try to bring not only all the athletes together but everyone on campus. For example, the White Out Night was a SAAC project.

T: Do you follow any professional teams? Are you excited about the Olympics?
A: I love the Steelers. The Olympics are always fun to watch. Basketball, track, and gymnastics are my favorite to watch.

T: Did you have an athletic role model growing up? What do you think of the Marion Jones scandal?
A: Growing up, I had an athletic role model for each sport I played, but currently it would be Hines Ward. Marion Jones has disappointed all of her fans and it is only fair to her competitors that she has to return her Olympic medals and other awards.

T: How would you feel if your role model was found using performance–enhancing drugs?
A: I would be disappointed, performance–enhancing drugs take away from the awe of a truly great athlete.

T: What do you think of the new Will Ferrell movie about basketball coming out?
A: I really haven’t heard anything about it but I like anything with Will Ferrell so it should be a good one.

Aleski and teammates hit the road to take on Case Western this Friday, Jan. 25 at 6 p.m.