Campus News in Brief

Another bomb threat on campus

On Tuesday at 2:42 p.m., University Police responded to another e-mailed bomb threat. Although the threat was sent Saturday, Sept. 1, the e-mail was not discovered until classes resumed after Labor Day weekend. The threat stated that the bomb was located in Whitfield Hall, an administrative building on North Craig Street owned by the university. The threat also mentioned that another bomb in a brown paper bag would be placed on the outdoor campus but did not give a specific location.

The campus community was alerted to the situation around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday. University Police soon evacuated Whitfield Hall. After thoroughly searching the building and the outdoor campus, University Police found no evidence of suspicious or dangerous devices.

By 4:40 p.m., Whitfield Hall had been reopened and the campus community was notified that both locations had been deemed safe.

The FBI is currently investigating the threat, according to a Sept. 5 article on KDKA News’s website. There have been 12 other similar threats made at universities all over the country. All threats involved bombs and were received by university personnel via e-mail. While federal agents have not yet determined if the cases are related, because the threats were sent electronically, there is a high probability that agents will be able to trace them to the sender, the article indicated.

Students, faculty, and staff were notified of the threat through e-mail messages, notes posted on the university’s homepage, and the AlertNow system.

To sign up for the AlertNow system, visit (

Hunt study rooms open

New group study rooms opened in the basement of Hunt Library on Thursday. Each room contains a large table and chairs, two white boards, glass outer walls, and its own door. Students reported that having the rooms eliminated the frustration of groups trying to meet on designated quiet floors, where they may be a disruption to other students, or the Maggie Murph Café, which can be noisy and distracting for students trying to work. The university is planning to add similar rooms in the Engineering & Science Library on the fourth floor of Wean Hall.

The Library Transformation Project, which began in July, is still underway. The University is switching its cataloging from the Dewey Decimal System to the Library of Congress system to match the organization of non-college-affiliated libraries. Under the Library of Congress system, books will be shelved near others with similar topics and the call numbers on each item will include the publication year to more clearly distinguish between editions.

The transformation of the Engineering & Science Library has been completed; Hunt Library is currently undergoing re-labeling in stacks-2 and the basement collections.