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Sharing is caring, and nothing will bring out the kid in you like the new toys we have purchased for the Carnegie Mellon community to share.

If there’s anything we need more of, it’s fun. That’s why we are installing recreational equipment boxes — Tartans Boxes — filled with brand-new toys to play with all around campus. From footballs to Frisbees, these large plastic boxes will be open for everyone to use. Just open them up, and let the good times ensue. But be sure to put everything back when you’re done, or this program will quickly get canceled. See your roommate take a football for personal use for the rest of the year? Tell her to put it back — it’s your football, too!

We also have a full fleet of brand-new, comfy, three-speed bikes for you. You can ride them wherever and whenever you want. When you’re done, leave your bike somewhere on campus for the next person to use.

So how will you know if a football or a bike is a community toy? Easy — it’ll be decorated in Tartan colors! Who will do this decorating? You will! This Tuesday from 11:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m. on the Cut, we’ll be inflating balls and painting all of the new toys! Come out to help assemble, paint, and distribute, and you’ll be entered into our raffle. The more you help, the more raffle tickets you’ll earn. At 1:00, we’ll raffle off a Nintendo Wii, an iPod nano, and a bunch of great gift certificates.
No time to paint? Come check out the event anyway — there’ll be free Rita’s for all students.

So, are you ready to show your Tartan pride and have tons of fun? Come out Tuesday for the launch of the new equipment and bike program. These are your toys and your bikes. Take care of them and be responsible so that we can all enjoy those warm days with a little bit of playtime! See you there!

Additional information:

Tartans Boxes will be available at 10 campus locations: the Donner Ditch, the UC at the Cut, CFA at the Cut, the mall at Wean, at Porter Hall, the Greek quad, New House, Mudge, the IM fields, and Morewood.

Each bike is fitted with a bell, a basket, and a GPS tracking device. Students are allowed to take them off campus, but unreasonably long borrowing periods will be treated as theft of university property.

Questions? Concerns? As always, contact us through e-mail at or visit our website