Entropy redesign to include nicer space, products

Carnegie Mellon is trying to put the “convenience” back into “convenience store.”

Campus Services, which oversees both Dining Services and University Stores, has begun drafting two plans to completely remodel and relocate the University Center’s Entropy convenience store. While the plans are only proposals for now, both options involve a much larger store, relocated to the area in the UC adjacent to the pool. They also feature convenience store items in addition to a broader selection of groceries, including fresh fruits and vegetables.

Tim Michael, the assistant vice president of Campus Services, is optimistic about the plan. According to Michael, prices should stay the same, but students will get an added value from the larger space, as well as the expanded selection. Assuming everything goes as intended, the new Entropy will be an improvement to the campus cornerstone.

We’re in favor of the new Entropy as long as it remains independent of Parkhurst, the primary provider of dining on campus. If Entropy is taken over by Parkhurst, its current management and student employees might be out of their jobs. The Entropy employees are valued members of our campus community.

Once the plans are finalized, expect the new Entropy to open sometime next semester. Here’s hoping that Carnegie Mellon can make it happen and give the campus community something it has long been asking for.