Did you know?

100 years ago
April 17, 1907

An ad by Haller’s Bakery advertises Brain Bread. According to the promotion, this bread is a “perfect health bread made from the most glutinous whole wheat flour ever produced.” Since advertising back in 1907 was less intense than it is today, it’s conceivable that students might have taken this ad literally. I wouldn’t be surprised if loaves were smuggled in during exam periods, which may very well have been the beginning of performance-enhancing drugs.

50 years ago
April 16, 1957

The Tartan announces plans for a cartoon contest. According to the paper, the winning cartoon will be run on the front page of its Carnival edition. Judging is based upon humor, originality, and overall swellness. Due to the overwhelming amount of unoriginal ideas in last year's contest, caricatures of Frank Sinatra will be automatically disqualified.

25 years ago
April 13, 1982

Carnegie Mellon proudly presents an open forum on the future of computing. While most students were unaware of what exactly a computing machine was, attendance was probably still very high, as our current students always seem to find a way to attend these things, regardless of time or place. Probable topics include finding Madonna on MySpace and whether computers can have mohawks.

10 years ago
April 14, 1997

According to an article in The Tartan, comedian Jonathan Brandt delivered a forgettable performance over Carnival. Delivering moderately funny joke after moderately funny joke, he received only short bursts of courtesy laughter. Most of Brandt’s humor consisted of the typical field of college humor: alcohol, sex, and bad summer job jokes. The fact the most Carnegie Mellon students have (as the article implied) sweet-ass summer internships didn’t do much to help Brandt’s cause.

5 years ago
April 22, 2002

The Person’s Opinion section of The Tartan further confirms the stereotypes of Carnegie Mellon students. “What would you do with a million dollars?” In response to this question, a particularly sore-looking computer science and physics double major said he would buy Cheetos and Coke. If you think that’s good, a decision science major showed her skills by saying that she would go on a shopping spree and never come back to school again.

1 year ago
April 17, 2006

Somebody took the Porter Hall sign that hangs in the building’s second floor hallway. Porter Hall is the oldest building on the Carnegie Mellon campus, and the sign would make a mesmerizing memento. But my question is this: Had the culprits already stolen all of the typical signs that people generally like to lift (Stop signs, the Beeler Street sign, “no smoking” signs). Or do the thieves just love Carnegie Mellon that much? If I had my choice, I would take the juicy souvenir of those orange blocks at the foot of Wean. Now that would definitely impress!