In cold, rainy weather, nothing beats a bowl of hot soup — just one of the options for lunch or dinner at Kazansky’s Delicatessen.

Kazansky’s Deli is a small restaurant and deli located on Murray Avenue in Squirrel Hill. Kazansky’s is a short bus ride away from campus — a few buses even stop right across the street. Getting off at Forbes Avenue requires a bit of walking, but the walk is mostly downhill and the food is definitely worth the trek.

Kazansky’s fare includes custom-made sandwiches, Jewish specialties, and hot meals. In addition to traditional sandwich fillings, Kazansky’s offers some more unique items, such as tongue and chopped liver. The deli also sells a large selection of domestic, imported, and specialty beers.

At Kazansky’s, you can seat yourself in the
restaurant area in the back. The room is decorated with pictures and banners of Pittsburgh sports teams, and the room boasts a big-screen TV, convenient for those who want to watch a game. The atmosphere is laid-back — not ideal for a big date or an exciting night out. Kazansky’s is down-to-earth and welcoming, great for both family outings and casual get-togethers. The meals are delivered quickly, making Kazansky’s a great on-the-go spot.

However, the beef short ribs were disappointing. The ribs were lacking in flavor (and barbecue sauce), and, while the accompanying mashed potatoes weren’t horrible, the gravy is something to avoid. Don’t judge too readily here, however: This is a deli, not a barbecue house.

The sandwiches are hearty and filled with plenty of meat (I recommend the roast turkey) and can be served either hot or cold (plus, each comes with a crunchy dill pickle spear). The bread is fresh and the meats are high quality, making for a great meal half the price of an on-campus sandwich.

Kazansky’s also offers a variety of soups, including chili, borscht, and several varieties of chicken soup. The matzo ball soup is a particularly delicious choice, and it’s appropriate for a cold, rainy day.

Overall, Kazansky’s is worth the money. For under $10, you can get a filling meal and friendly service. Next time you’re in the mood for a sandwich or bowl of hot soup, head over to Kazansky’s Delicatessen.